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Top Recommendations for Roofing Materials on Frisco TX Homes

Roofing specialists always recommend roofing materials according to certain factors, one of the most significant being the local climate. That’s because there are different types of materials, on the market, some of them being more resistant than others in certain conditions. For example, there are roofing materials manufactured and tested to withstand high winds, others are better suited for cold climates with harsh winters and so on.

In Frisco, TX, the climate tends to be a bit more comfortable than in the rest of the state. Winters are rather mild, so there are not significant concerns regarding roof damage caused by heavy snow falls and freeze-thaw cycles.

Summers are hot though, so top recommendations for roofing materials on Frisco homes include those resistant to consistent sun exposure and temperatures over 100 degrees.

A fully exposed roof, with nothing around to protect it from the sun, can reach temperatures of up to 194 degrees F. If not properly ventilated, heat will build up, raising the temperature inside the house and causing condensation problems. In addition, you will keep the air conditioning on for a longer time, so you will pay higher energy bills.

But there are roofs that keep such problems at bay.

roofing in Frisco TX

Here are some frequently recommended solutions by expert companies servicing residential and commercial roofing in Frisco TX.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are naturally reflective. The reflection rating is based on the ability of the roof surface to reflect the sun’s rays. A cold roof, such as a metal roof, generally has a reflection of more than 65%, which helps to keep the building cool during the summer, lowering the cooling load and saving electricity consumption.

Asphalt shingles coated with reflective paint

There are reflective coatings approved by Energy Star, which help reduce heat transfer to the attic (and to the rest of the house). They can be applied even on ordinary asphalt roofs, prolonging their life, as the asphalt base will no longer age as quickly.

Green roofs

One way to prevent extreme temperatures and torrential floods in cities is to grow vegetated landscapes. Green roofs are an excellent example of the transformation of flat roofs into living roofs, capitalizing on both the economic and environmental benefits of green landscapes.

Green roofs are specially designed to be self-contained and easy to maintain; they are system adapted to our times, when people are becoming more and more concerned with protecting the environment and improving air quality. In addition, this type of roof best reduces the effect of urban heat island, during hot summers.

Solar roofs

A solar roof is obtained by installing a set of photovoltaic panels or, more recently, photovoltaic shingles. They are fixed to the roofs and terraces that cover and protect private or public buildings, being an excellent choice for Frisco, TX, which gets 230 sunny days per year. Sunroofs are the future of the present. These have countless benefits for the environment and your pocket, and are becoming more affordable as the technology behind them becomes more popular. Solar energy is free and available to us at any time, so solar roofs will definitely become more and more present, in the future.