Typical Situations Where A Roof Replacement Might Be Necessary

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The decision whether roof repair is the best course of action or roof replacement is the only solution is obvious in some cases, but difficult to make in others. In the case of a roof that has been devastated by a recent storm or that has started sagging after all the pressure it was exposed to because of the snow that has just melted, complete replacement is the only solution, but roofing issues that can only be solved through replacement can take other forms as well. Here are some typical situations that warrant a roof replacement.

The Roof Is Approaching the End of Its Lifespan

No roof lives forever, not even the best maintained ones in mild climates. Roofing materials are warranted for a specific period of time. Asphalt shingles, for example, can provide adequate protection for about 20 years, metal roofs can last for up to 50 years, while clay and cement tiles can stay on the building for over 70 years. If the material that your roof is made from is approaching the end of its lifespan, it is a good idea to start preparing for the replacement of the roof, even if the structure seems strong and stable.

Signs of Extensive Visible Damage

While a couple of cracked tiles or a damaged shingle can be easily replaced, if the damage is more extensive and it affects a significant part of the roof, replacement is the best solution. A great company that does roof repair near me says that the same goes for compromised structural components – if you see any sagging on your roof, you should start arranging for the replacement before the roof collapses.

An Unstoppable Succession of Roof Leaks

Every roof can start leaking, but if the roof is sufficiently strong, the leak is easy to fix. However, if you hardly fix a leak when a new one appears and you need to have buckets at hand whenever rain is announced in the forecast, the problem might be caused by a general weakening of the roof that can only be solved with complete roof replacement.

The Appearance of Ice Damming

Ice dams are caused by unwanted heat exchange between the building interior and the area right under the roof. The problem can sometimes be corrected by installing insulation under the roof, but if it is caused by structural issues or gaps in the roofing surface, a contractor that does roof repair near me confirms that roof replacement is the owner’s best option.

Critter Attacks

While any property with a garden gets animal visitors sometimes and many homeowners consider squirrels and birds to be cute guests, there are many other critters that can cause lots of damage in the house, especially if they move into the roofing structure. Wasps can build large nests and are notoriously difficult to get rid of, while termites can move in noticeably and when they do, they cause irreparable damage to the wood components of the house before they are detected. In extreme cases, there is no way to repair a roof that has become the victim of such harmful pests, the only solution being roof replacement.