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How to Know If Your Castle Pines Home Needs a New Roof

Living in Castle Pines in Colorado can be a challenge when you consider the unpredictable amount of damage your home can sustain from a single storm. When you own an older roof, it will therefore be a challenge to even realize when your Castle Pines home might need a new roof and what factors to look for to avoid a disaster like your roof breaking down completely during a hail storm or thunderstorm.

Castle Pines roofing

What Could Affect Your Roof So Badly?

Castle Pines roofing often warrants of course a lot of maintenance work and occasional repairs. While Colorado in general is not necessarily a place where you’ll see a lot of rain – and the climate itself is quite dry – the weather challenges in the area can lead to your roof being significantly under risk.

Thunderstorms and hail storms can lead to water damage and impact damage on roofing systems that are not resilient enough – like those made primarily out of wood, asphalt or weaker metals. Also, Colorado has its fair share of snow in the winter, which can add to the weight of your roof and possibly even change its shape over time.

A lot of roofing problems in Colorado result from the dry weather. Flammable roofs are the ones that are most vulnerable from that standpoint, since occasionally the risk of dry wood and other flammable materials catching fire in Colorado will be significantly increased. As a result, Castle Pines roofing experts urge homeowners to consider materials that are fire-resistant or fireproof, such as metal, slate and clay.

Other issues also result from dryness, including wide temperature changes in the summer and winter which can especially affect certain metal roofing products that contract and expand more due to the changes in heat exposure.

Deciding on Roof Replacement

Considering all of these factors, it’s not too difficult to figure out how you can tell if your Castle Pines home needs a new roof. Depending on the material, there are various stressors that could affect your roof, such as the dry summers and winters, the hail or the thunderstorms. By doing some research on these stressors and on the structural durability of your roof over time, you can judge whether or not your roof has to be replaced even just based off of knowing how old it is.

For example, having a wooden roof that’s close to the end of its life as the summer is approaching can be a clear indicator that you need a new roof – preferably made from a material that isn’t flammable. Another example would be having an old metal roof that is no longer up to standard and requires more and more repairs every year. At one point, due to storms, temperature changes or other stressors, your metal roof might become too expensive to fix to warrant further repairs. At that point, you simply have to call on your trusted local roofers and have your roof replaced.

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